Best roofing materials

There are various different angles to rate roofing material. Some start from the aesthetics first while others notice only overall cost or longevity. Also there is today just so many types of roofing styles and materials that choosing the right one could become hard process. One fact is for sure and everybody should pay attention to that, roof is above our heads all the time so it is better to make sure it stays there. Here are some of the proven materials which will satisfy more than just one useful aspect of quality roof.

Asphalt shingles

These are very popular in USA how because of easy installation but also because of their economical side. There is also option of upgrading them with some organic materials or fiberglass which makes them more resistant and not changing their appearance. They come at reasonable price and in various colors satisfying most of architectural styles. Quality may vary depending on price and they come with shorter lifetime than other roofing materials.

Clay and concrete tiles

These must be handled by professional because of their extreme heavy weight.  Concrete ones are less expensive than genuine clay. These tiles really bring some elegance touch to every roof style. They are really energy efficient and long-lasting but also need additional framing while including some higher prices. Best environment for these tiles is in Spanish style homes, Southwestern households or Mediterranean villas.

Metal roof

If you decide about putting metal roofing on your property there are choices of materials like zinc, stainless steel, cooper or aluminum. Shape can be done in shingles or panels. These ones are extremely resistant and durable with significant solar reflectance. All these benefits come at more expensive rates. House styles which look great with metal roofing are cabins, cottage-style homes or bungalows.

Metal roof

Wood shingles and shake

While wood shingles are usually cut by machine, shakes are handmade with more rough looks. Shingles give more rustic look to any property and are usually made from southern pine, redwood or cedar. These roofing material can make some headaches in wet climates where they can rot or mold. On the other hand some fire codes prohibit their use in some areas. If you ever decide for this kind of roofing in some fire likely area always pay attention for class-A fire-rated wood roofing products. These include fire resistant coating. They look really good on a bungalow or cottage.

Synthetic Roof

As a material of a modern world there are also some plastic, rubber or polymer products for your roofing that can come in almost same looks like slate or wood. While easy to handle and strong they come in various colors, textures and look they became very popular in roofing industry while supporting many different architectural styles. Their price is more affordable than the price of natural materials but the quality may vary. There just hasn’t enough time passed for them to be tested fully but still their time warranty reaches even up to 50 years.